External doors are an essential part of architecture and the business card of every house, flat or apartment. They do not only serve aesthetics, but they are also designed to ensure safety and protect from heat losses and noise from the outside.

Aluminium doors are extremely resistant to external factors, so they can serve their purpose for many years. Aluminium enables a wide selection of shapes and a broad aesthetic variation. With low heat transmission and very good acoustic insulation, this type of external doors is increasingly popular with the customers.

Aluminium external doors guarantee the highest level of quality, safety and durability. Many years of failure-free service life, state-of-the-art security and fittings systems, as well as additional accessories will satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Aliplast – panel doors

A state-of-the-art system of aluminium panel doors. A solution for the most demanding customers. Functional and aesthetic connection between the inside of the house or flat and the world outside. Wide selection of patterns and sizes.

  • an aluminium system with thermal insulation
  • wide selection of patterns, colours and sizes
  • the door can be installed in a larger display enclosure
  • a single plane of the frame and panel glued onto the leaf
  • single or double side adhesive panel
  • panel thickness: 20-99 mm
  • roller and concealed hinges
  • standard (3-point) and self-locking locks
  • high thermal insulation due to the STAR system
  • heat transfer coefficient: Uw from 0.73 W/m2K
  • wide range of colours: RAL colours, structural colours, wood-like, bicolour, anodised finishes

Ponzio – seamless door

Ponzio PE68 and Ponzio PE78N aluminium doors are the right solution for the most demanding customers. The system enables obtaining a uniform plane of the door leaf. Modern and functional solution for a house and flat.

  • a three-chamber system with thermal insulation
  • door leaf flush with the frame
  • uniform shape, concealed structural components
  • modern design
  • double and triple glazing
  • surface, concealed or roller hinges
  • wide range of fittings and door locks

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