About us

The Alvetro brand

The Alvetro brand resulted from a combination of two entities with many years of experience in the construction industry and long-standing business contacts – Konsbud Lublin and PPMB Niemce.

Konsbud is a company specialised in general construction of buildings. Since established, it has completed over 350 facilities of various types, including banks, hospital, production halls, markets, shopping malls and housing complexes. For years, it has also been leading in the production and installation of aluminium joinery.

On the other hand, PPMB Niemce is a leading manufacturer of construction materials in the Lublin region. High extraction and production capacities, as well as continuous improvement of the quality of services, enable the company to meet the requirements of the greatest companies in the region.

Top quality products

Alvetro products are designed both for the domestic and business customer. We use system solutions that enable us to meet all expectations of aluminium joinery in single- and multiple-family buildings, as well as public utility buildings and industrial buildings. With the high compatibility of the systems used, very favourable solutions, both in terms of technical specifications and prices.

Our customers have access to a wide range of solutions based on aluminium joinery:

Alvetro windows are the right choice for any house, flat, block of flats or office building. They are inspired by latest technological solutions and designer trends. Available in many versions and a wide range of colours.

Alvetro doors are a functional and aesthetic connection between the inside of the flat, house or building and the world outside. Aesthetics and high insulation and acoustic performance. We supply sliding and slide and lift doors in large sizes, as well as accordion doors.

We make winter garden structures, which combine functionality and aesthetics. We help to choose the best solution, we advise on the selection of materials, lighting and roller shutters. All this for you to create your own unique domain for all seasons of the year.

We provide aluminium terrace covers with an aesthetic and modern appearance. We use frame and frameless systems, tempered and laminated glass, to ensure safety regardless of the enclosure size.

We provide state-of-the-art aluminium and glass façades. We create interesting designs of curtain walls, designed in functional and useful terms, with appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation, sun protection and ventilation.

We provide a wide range of products that meet the standards related to fire protection and smoke control. Our windows and doors resist high temperatures and increase the safety level by facilitating the emergency escape. The use of fire-resistant glass and special screws and intumescent tapes makes our façades resistant to high temperatures.

We provide automatic window and door opening and closing systems, which enable free and comfortable room ventilation and fire protection system management. In automatic electronic systems, we collaborate with the best manufacturer to ensure top quality products.

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